Expo Fitness Festival
Get pumped for race day!

2018 Fitbit Miami Marathon & Half Marathon Expo Fitness Festival

Friday, January 26, 2018 – 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday, January 27, 2018 – 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Mana Wynwood
318 NW 23rd St
Miami, FL 33127

Check out the NEW Fitness Festival activities below that will be taking place at the 2018 Expo. Warm up your legs with Dean Karnazes, participate in FREE fitness classes led by well-known trainers, or compete in the ALPHAmania fitness competition. Secure your space in these fun, high-energy activities today!

Shake Out With Dean Karnazes!

Warm up your legs and kick-off the big weekend at the Fitbit Shakeout Run with ultramarathon man, Dean Karnazes! Secure your space before all spots are filled.

Date: Friday, January 26th

Location: Mana Wynwood

Time: 6 PM check-in and run starts at 6:30 PM

Distance: 3 miles

Sweat Space Fitness Classes

Reserve your space at any of our FREE high-energy fitness classes led by well-known fitness trainers during Expo hours. Check the schedule and class descriptions below and sign-up today!

Friday, January 26
12 PM – Shadow Boxing & Plyometrics
Gina Palazzi

1 PM – Muscular Endurance
Kellie Williams & Lawrence Sikorski

2 PM – Elite Athlete Info Session
Frankie Ruiz

2:30 PM – First-Timer Info Session
Frankie Ruiz

3 PM – Body Weight-Core
Guillermo Dapelo

4 PM – Beat the Gym CoreT4
Tony Thomas

5 PM – Abs & Butt
Ximena Gonzalez & Mark Buckley

Saturday, January 27
11 AM –  Abs & Butt
Ximena Gonzalez & Mark Buckley

12 PM – Elite Athlete Info Session
Frankie Ruiz

12:30 PM – First-Timer Info Session
Frankie Ruiz

1 PM – Beat the Gym CoreT4
Tony Thomas

2 PM – Body Weight-Core
Guillermo Dapelo

3 PM – Shadow Boxing & Plyometrics
Gina Palazzi

4 PM – Muscular Endurance
Kellie Williams & Lawrence Sikorski

Fitness Class Descriptions

Tony Thomas – Beat the Gym CoreT4
Challenge your body in this strength and conditioning class that will push your mental and physical stamina. Core training, balance and flexibility are all included to create a total well-rounded program. This high-intensity metabolic conditioning workout uses a mix of upper body and lower body exercises combined with cardio intervals for a super-toned body and maximum fat and calorie burn. Exercises mix body weight based work and compound power moves that include jumping-backs, mountain climbers, twists, yoga sequences, and core exercises. You’ll build strength, increase stamina, and get your heart rate pumping in this fast-paced and no-nonsense workout.

Ximena Gonzalez & Mark Buckley – Abs & Butt
This 45 minute workout will teach participants tried and proven methods to tone their abs and build a strong sexy butt. The exercises demonstrated are suitable for all fitness levels and have immediate application to both aesthetic and performance goals. Ximy will bring a fun, upbeat side to the workout as she demonstrates her top tips and hacks to tone the midsection and sculpt a sexy butt. Mark will dial into performance by demonstrating how these exercises can be used to prevent and rehabilitate back, hip, knee and ankle injuries common to runners.

Gina Palazzi – Shadow Boxing & Plyometrics
Gina’s classes will consist of a mix of shadow boxing with plyometrics and calisthenics; also known as high intensity interval training. The goal is to increase heart rate and exert maximal force in a short time interval. This class looks to get a good sweat going in a short period of time for all participants.

Kellie & Lawrence Sikorski – Muscular Endurance
Nicknamed HIIT Yoga, Kellie and her husband Lawrence will be doing a session of high intensity yoga followed by power yoga. Both events will look to strengthen as well as stretch out all parts of the body.

Guillermo Dapelo – Body Weight-Core
Guillermo will be teaching a core and calisthenics class, which includes: body weight burpees and lots of other intense core fun. Guillermo will tap into his background of HIIT which is a huge part of his classes at Barry’s Boot Camp.


Join our Life Time Boca Raton trainers for ALPHA class demonstrations consisting of a warm-up, strength, skills, and metabolic conditioning. Get a first-hand look into some of the training techniques and tools utilized in the ALPHA training program.

Fitness Competition

Register as an individual or in a team of two or four members to compete in a variety of ALPHA fitness events that will test your strength, power, skills, speed, coordination, agility, and endurance. This competition will be held during Expo hours and will be led by Life Time trainers. Top performing participants and teams will earn awesome prizes! Sign up today to reserve your space.

Important Instructions:

  1. Teams of 2 must be 1 male and 1 female; teams of 4 must be 2 males and 2 females.
  2. Team members must register with the exact same team name in order to participate.
  3. Additional instructions and meeting times for the competition will be coordinated after signing up.