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Artist’s Corner

Discover how the culture of South Beach and the streets of Miami comes to life at the Miami Marathon.

Every year we invite a Miami-based artist to help design the medal neck ribbon for the Life Time Miami Marathon & Half Marathon, Life Time Tropical 5K and Life Time Kids Run Miami races. Learn more about each artist and view their creations below.

2021| VACO Studio x SendIt4TheSea

Complementing our medal design celebrating the conservation efforts of Miami’s coastal waters and reefs, these distance-specific neck ribbons feature 3 different local ecosystems. The natural color gradient and clean lines take a fresh and minimalistic approach to appreciate South Florida’s prominent marine ecosystems.
Coral Reefs – Marathon
Seagrass Beds – Half Marathon
Mangroves – Tropical 5K
For each distance you complete, you will earn the corresponding neck ribbon to accompany your medal.



Coral Reef (MARATHON)

Coral reefs are the the anchors of the ocean. They are the most complex ecosystem on the planet. Thousands of organisms co-exist, working towards the same goal. Everyone has a role to play towards a larger image. Coral reefs around the world are facing coral bleaching, a process caused by increasing water temperatures. Locally, coral reefs have had a hard time dealing with port expansions, water pollution, and increasing temperatures.

Seagrass Beds (HALF)

Like mangroves, seagrass plays an important role in biscayne bays ecosystem. They produce oxygen that supports life under the water. Smaller fish and other Marine animals that grow out of the mangroves make their way into the seagrass beds once they reach a certain size. It’s essentially the next step in life with in the bay. Seagrass beds are also essential to mitigating climate change. They can sequester 3 times more carbon out of the air compared to any other terrestrial tree. Locally, seagrass beds have been under tremendous stress from water pollution, coastal development, and lack of regulations on the water. 90% of the seagrass beds in North Biscayne bay have completely died with in the last 10 years.

Mangrove Forrest – (5k)

Mangroves are a staple of Biscayne Bay, they are essentially the nursery for the marine life in our oceans. We decided to go with this for the 5k because is almost the same relationship in terms of running events. People are introduced to the running community through 5k races, it’s the nursery for Lifetime. Mangroves hold down Miami during hurricanes, preventing storm surge and wave action from damaging the shorelines! Without them south Florida would be full of concrete, not vegetation.

Now bringing all the designs together, they create a gradient composite, showing the connection between the 3 ecosystems. We want to give people something that sparks interest visually through natural patterns and shapes.

2020 | Peter Tunney

Miami Artists Corner Banners

“It’s always a genuine honor and real challenge to be asked to create something special, I never like to say no! For this project I love the words MIAMI AND FAMOUS – Miami is like a person – a person with a robust and colorful personality – and she’s FAMOUS – on a global scale MIAMI IS FAMOUS – and for so many things to so many different people – from beaches to nightlife – to meditation – to water sports to – world class cuisine and of course the astounding KALEIDOSCOPIC population that lives and visits her – I too love Miami for all these things and more and I relish any chance I have to participate and express these qualities – This life is indeed a marathon and I have so much respect for all those that participate and endure the ups and downs of the pavement and of the road of life – Kudos to all the participants and it fills me with pride to be involved in my small way – rock on! With love and gratitude” – Peter Tunney

Learn more about Peter Tunney

2019 | Rigo Leon

Rigeo Leon

Rigo Leon is a Cuban artist residing in Miami. His vision is to leave a positive imprint on the planet through his art. Rigo’s paper boat concept, which is seen on the flamingo’s head in the ribbon, brings attention to the idea of building a better life and achieving one’s goals through change and dedication.

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