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Learn more about price of admission, registration options and additional information regarding athletes with disabilities.


Early access registration opens for Life Time members on July 25, 2024.

Deferred Your 2024 Entry to 2025?

Participants who deferred their 2024 entry to the 2025 event MUST officially register with their unique code prior to the deadline on May 5, 2024 (11:59 pm ET). Athletes who deferred should follow the instructions sent to them via email on February 5th, March 25th and again on April 30th. Deferrals not claimed by the deadline on May 5, 2024 will be forfeited.

Life Time Members Early Access Registration

Life Time owns and produces some of the most incredible athletic events in the world, including Life Time Miami Marathon & Half. Along with athletic events, Life Time’s goal is to reshape the way people approach health and fitness with its healthy way of life communities. Life Time members — after six months of Club-Access Membership — get entry to our athletic events one week before the event registration opening to the general public or guaranteed registration in lotteries.

An official waitlist was open from October 10 through October 31, 2023 for those who still wish to compete in the 2024 Life Time Miami Marathon & Half. Selections from the waitlist through a lottery system began on November 7, 2023 and have concluded. Those selected received an email from RunSignup with a link to register within 48 hours, after which the link expires and the spot is offered to another person on the waitlist. Spots only became available if and when currently registered runners drop out before the race, or if someone selected on the waitlist did not register within 48 hours of receiving their invitation to register.

How the waitlist works:

  • It is free to sign up for the waitlist.
  • Once signed up, the athlete’s name will be on the waitlist and will then receive an email confirming they were added.
  • The waitlist was open from 10/10/2023 until 10/31/2023. Life Time sent out invitations via RunSignup starting on November 7, 2023 to those selected on the waiting list – based on the number of bibs that become available – to register at full price at the time of entry (see pricing below). Selections were made via lottery. Those invited to register will be charged the entry fee at checkout.
  • The registration invitation email from RunSignup contains a special link that must be used to officially register within approximately 48 hours from the time it was received and after which time, the link will expire. If selected athletes do not use the link within the allotted time, the link and the waiting list entry will be deleted. Expired links cannot be reactivated. Note: be sure you are logged into your RunSignup account before starting your registration process.
  • If a selected athlete does not officially register with their unique link before the deadline, the spot will be offered to another athlete on the waiting list via lottery selection. The newly selected athlete then has approximately 48 hours from receiving the email invitation from RunSignup to officially register before the link expires.
  • Coupons/discounts/promotions are not applicable to waitlist entry fee pricing.

Waitlist — Terms of Use

  • We do not allow duplicate entries. We only accept one waitlist entry per person.
  • You cannot ask for another entry on a list for which you are already entered.
  • If you fail to meet the Terms and Conditions, your waitlist entry will be deleted and the spot will be offered to the next person on the list.

*All groups/charities that pre-paid for entries have their spots safely reserved. Please reach out to the Groups/Charity coordinator to obtain updated registration instructions.

Life Time reserves the right, in its sole and complete discretion, to deny entry, to revoke the entry application of any applicant at any time, and/or to disqualify any individual from the Event.

It is important to note that Life Time is not involved in bib-to-bib transfer or re-sale transactions between individuals. We do not endorse or guarantee the authenticity of race entries sold by individual users. We strongly recommend exercising caution and conducting thorough due diligence when purchasing race entries from other users. We do not condone the resale of registrations at elevated prices.


La lista de espera de entrada se abre el 10 de octubre.

Las selecciones comenzarán el 7 de noviembre de 2023.

Se abrirá una lista de espera oficial del 10 al 31 de octubre de 2023 para aquellos que aún deseen competir en el Life Time Miami Marathon & Half del 2024. Las selecciones de la lista de espera se realizarán mediante un sistema de lotería a partir del 7 de noviembre de 2023. Los seleccionados recibirán un correo electrónico de RunSignup con un enlace para registrarse dentro de las 48 horas, luego de lo cual el enlace caduca y el lugar se ofrece a otra persona en la lista de espera. Los lugares solo estarán disponibles si los corredores actualmente registrados se retiran antes de la carrera, o si alguien seleccionado en la lista de espera no se registra dentro de las 48 horas posteriores a la recepción de su invitación para registrarse.

Cómo funciona la lista de espera:

  • Es gratis inscribirse en la lista de espera.
  • Una vez registrado, el nombre del atleta estará en la lista de espera y luego recibirá un correo electrónico confirmando que se agregó.
  • La lista de espera estará abierta desde el 10/10/2023 hasta el 31/10/2023. Life Time enviará invitaciones a través de RunSignup a partir del 7 de noviembre de 2023 a los seleccionados en la lista de espera, en función de la cantidad de dorsales que estén disponibles, para registrarse al precio completo en el momento de la inscripción (consulte los precios a continuación). Las selecciones se realizarán mediante sorteo.
  • El correo electrónico con la invitación de inscripción de RunSignup contiene un enlace especial que debe usarse para inscribirse oficialmente dentro de aproximadamente 48 horas desde el momento en que se recibió y después de ese tiempo, el enlace caducará. Si los atletas seleccionados no utilizan el enlace dentro del tiempo asignado, se eliminará el enlace y la entrada en la lista de espera. Los enlaces caducados no se pueden reactivar.
  • Si un atleta seleccionado no se inscribe oficialmente con su enlace único antes de la fecha límite, el lugar se ofrecerá a otro atleta en la lista de espera a través de la selección por sorteo. El atleta recién seleccionado tiene aproximadamente 48 horas desde que recibe la invitación por correo electrónico de RunSignup para inscribirse oficialmente antes de que caduque el enlace.
  • Los cupones/descuentos/promociones no se aplican al precio de la tarifa de entrada a la lista de espera.

Lista de espera — Condiciones de uso

  • No permitimos entradas duplicadas. Solo aceptamos una entrada  por persona en la lista de espera.
  • No se puede solicitar otra entrada en una lista para la que ya está inscrito.
  • Si no cumple con los Términos y Condiciones, su entrada en la lista de espera se eliminará y el lugar se ofrecerá a la siguiente persona en la lista.

*Todos los grupos/organizaciones benéficas que pagaron por adelantado las entradas tienen sus lugares reservados de forma segura. Comuníquese con el coordinador de grupos/caridad para obtener instrucciones actuales de la inscripción.

Life Time se reserva el derecho, a su sola y completa discreción, de negar la entrada, revocar la solicitud de entrada de cualquier solicitante en cualquier momento y/o descalificar a cualquier individuo del Evento.

Featured Events

Feb 2, 2025

Miami Marathon

A full marathon with tropical views and sounds of the Magic City with a finish line alongside the water at Bayfront Park.

Feb 2, 2025

Half Marathon

A half marathon with the same finish line at Bayfront Park, but with a deviation in the last 200 meters.

Feb 1, 2025

Tropical 5K

A family-friendly 5K race that serves as the kick-off and preview of the #MiamiFamous weekend suitable for runners of all levels.

Enter the exact name and email address used during registration to search.

Participant Premiums

Each registrant will receive a high-quality t-shirt and all finishers will receive the coveted Finisher medal.

2024 Miami Marathon & Half Shirt
2024 Miami Marathon & Half Medal

*Half Marathon medal will feature blue color fill.

Registration Prices


2025 Early Registration – SOLD OUT
Marathon – $170
Half Marathon – $155

2025 General Registration – Opens August 1, 2024
Pricing coming soon.

Life Time Tropical 5K

2025 Early Registration – SOLD OUT
Tropical 5K – $60

2025 General Registration – Opens August 1, 2024
Pricing coming soon.

Life Time Miami Kids Mile

Fee: $25
Registration opens Fall 2024

Diaper derby

Fee: $25
Registration opens Fall 2024. Limited to the first 25 babies.

*Pricing subject to change. Taxes/processing fees not included.

Life Time reserves the right, in its sole and complete discretion, to deny entry, to revoke the entry application of any applicant at any time, and/or to disqualify any individual from the Event.

View Registration Changes and Cancellation policies.

Military Discount

Active U.S. military members are eligible to receive an entry discount. Please contact our Athlete Services with proper military ID for your discount code.

*Discounted registration not available during promotional pricing. Active duty and military personnel who are deployed or recalled may be refunded or defer at no cost. Proof of deployment or recall is required.

Athletes with Disabilities (AWD) Program

Click here for more information for AWD Athletes and Guides

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