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Our Commitment to Our Athletes, Our Communities, and Our Planet

Current Sustainability Initiatives

In an effort to continue and expand upon our green initiatives, the Life Time Miami Marathon & Half has enacted a few meaningful measures to help reduce our event’s impact on the environment:

  • Reduction of water bottle plastic waste via our partnership with Miami-Dade county to source water at the majority of aid stations from nearby fire hydrants.
  • Utilization of storm drain filters at various points throughout the course to protect Miami’s fragile waterways from on-course waste.
  • Unused finisher food and discarded clothing is donated to charity. Finisher shirts that runners have opted-out of receiving – an option we first offered in 2020 – will also be donated.
  • Reduction of paper usage, which accounts for the majority of municipal waste, with the implementation of digital communication/signage where possible on race day.

2024 Recycling Recap

Thanks to our partners at Gradible and Champions for GREEN for their efforts in helping divert waste from landfills to instead be repurposed into new products.

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Future Sustainability Goals

  • Develop and implement an organization-wide sustainability policy that guides daily operations and decisions across all of our events and programs
  • Eliminate cups in the near future

How You Can Help

  • Utilize Reduce.Recycle.Reuse stations installed throughout the start/finish lines and on-course
  • Carry your own reusable hydration bottle, and utilize self-service water refill stations. Reuse the Proud Source aluminum water container received in the Finish Chute to refill water at the stations provided instead of grabbing a new bottle when empty. Remember to recycle your Proud Source bottle in the proper receptacle onsite when finished.
  • Don’t throw away your old running sneakers. Donate them to charities, like our partners at Sneaker Impact, that will redistribute them to people in need or will recycle them
  • Extra Tips –
    • Carpool on Race Day
    • Take Public Transportation when possible

Beach Cleanup

On Saturday, January 27, 2024, the Life Time Foundation and the Life Time Miami Marathon & Half are collaborated with Clean Miami Beach to bring volunteers and fund the efforts to clean the shores of South Beach. Clean Miami Beach is dedicated to keeping the local community and natural habitats free of garbage and harmful pollutants with primary focus on single-use plastics.

Hand in hand, we can make a difference to inspire Healthy People, a Healthy Planet, and a Healthy Way of Life, as we actively contribute to the well-being of both our communities and the environment. By participating in beach cleanups, we can work together to create a healthier planet and cleaner environment by ensuring shorelines are free from harmful pollutants, and foster a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem for generations to come.

Thanks to all who joined #TeamOcean for our inaugural race weekend beach cleanup!

A path to take care of: The one from our footprints!

Our partners at South Dade Kia are conscious of the impact made on our surroundings – they plan to reduce their carbon footprint by the end of 2024 and align their goals with those of ODS 2030. Part of this includes measuring emissions and lowering them by using renewable energies, like solar, as well as compensating for those emissions through carbon offset programs.

We are delighted that their totally electric EV 6 will be the lead car at the Miami Marathon this January! Learn more online. See you on Race Day!

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