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Groups & Charities

Learn about our group and charity partners who help make this run go further.

Since its inception, the Life Time Miami Marathon & Half has been a supporter of numerous charity teams helping raise several millions of dollars to support a variety of causes. Since our inception in 2003, participants from over 70 charity organizations have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. With your support, we can continue to grow and help support a countless amount of worthwhile causes.

Whether you’re an individual looking to enhance your race experience by supporting a charity or you’re a part of a running group/club, there’s something for everyone to support you through the Finish Line!

Please review the Program Outline prior to filling out the application below. Program details subject to change.

We look forward to collaborating with various local, national and international teams to create a memorable race experience.

Rules to know:

Registration is capped at 18,000

    • Registrations subject to space availability. A pre-paid entry is the only way to reserve a spot prior to sellout.
    • A waitlist lottery will be opened post sellout. No group/charity pricing will be available at this time.
    • Group/charity codes subject to expiration dates.
    • Promoting your team’s discount code in public areas (e.g. non-fenced Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts) is not permitted, as the general public is not eligible for special pricing)
    • Those who fail to register using the code are NOT eligible for retroactive pricing.
    • Final group/charity registrations will be tallied 30 days prior to the event.

If you are an Athlete with Disabilities (AWD), please review additional registration information here.

Las solicitudes para el programa oficial Life Time Miami Marathon & Half Groups & Charity de 2024 no se abrirán hasta el verano de 2024. Vuelva a consultar esta página para ver la descripción del programa y la solicitud.

Revise el esquema del programa antes de completar la solicitud a continuación. Los detalles del programa están sujetos a cambios.

Esperamos colaborar con varios equipos locales, nacionales e internacionales para crear una experiencia memorable.

Reglas a saber:

La inscripción tendrá un límite de 18.000 personas.

    • Inscripciones sujetas a disponibilidad de espacio. Una entrada prepagada es la única forma de reservar un lugar antes de que se agoten las entradas.
    • Una vez que se agoten las entradas se abrirá una lotería de lista de espera. No habrá precios para grupos/organizaciones benéficas disponibles en este momento.
    • Códigos de grupos/organizaciones benéficas sujetos a fechas de vencimiento
    • No está permitido promocionar el código de descuento del equipo en áreas públicas (por ejemplo, cuentas de Facebook, Twitter, etc. que no están protegidas), ya que el público general no es elegible para precios especiales)
    • Aquellos que no se registren usando el código NO son elegibles para el precio retroactivo
    • Las inscripciones finales de grupos/organizaciones benéficas se contarán 30 días antes del evento


Once received, or if you have already filled out this application, you will be contacted directly with next steps.

For additional information, please contact us.


Una vez recibida, o si ya ha completado esta solicitud, se lo contactará directamente con los próximos pasos.

Para información adicional, por favor contáctenos.

Groups and Charities Application

Groups and Charities Application
Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Groups and Charities Program! Please let us know which Life Time Miami events your group is interested in:
Captain Name (Main Contact Person)
Captain Name (Main Contact Person)
Biling Address *
Biling Address
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Zip Code
Which payment option would you like to utilize for member registration?
I have read and agree to the requirements and terms indicated in the Groups/Charities Program Outline listed above.


Life Time Foundation Logo

Life Time Foundation

The Mission 

The Life Time Foundation is dedicated to inspiring Healthy People, a Healthy Planet, and a Healthy Way of Life. Through financial grants and direct action, we support Youth Nutrition by helping schools serve wholesome, nourishing, minimally processed food to students; Youth Movement by championing physical movement programs that get children active and excited to move for life; and a Healthy Planet by supporting forestation and conservation initiatives, so everyone can live healthy, happy lives.

The Team

By joining the Life Time Foundation Team and committing to fundraise for the cause, athletes are guaranteed race entry, receive top-class performance gear, and become part of an incredible, mission-driven community.

Learn more at

Special Compass Logo


Housing • Education • Sports

Special Compass helps those with disabilities navigate life through education, sports, and housing, independently through inclusion.

Special Compass envisions a world in which “Differently-Abled” people have the opportunity to participate fully in a wide range of community and athletic activities.


BreakThrough Logo


BRKTHRU is a non-profit founded in the wake of a good friend’s suicide, which aims to find new ways to raise awareness, increase outreach and facilitate collaboration in an effort to promote mental fitness. Through a variety of outlets including road races, social outreach, mentorship programs and collaborations with clinicians, BRKTHRU addresses the unmet needs of those dealing with mental health disorders and assist those individuals in living their fullest life.


Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation Logo

Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation

The mission of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation is to find a cure and improve the quality of life for those affected by Cholangiocarcinoma. Our racing team, Team CCF, specifically has the purpose to raise awareness and fundraise for this devastating disease.

Visit Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation

Debbie’s Dream Foundation

Debbie’s Dream Foundation

The American Cancer Society DetermiNation program will help you achieve your personal race goals and change the course of cancer forever. With access to professional training, an unparalleled community of support, and inspiration every step of the way, the American Cancer Society will help you finish your upcoming race and together we can achieve a world free from the pain and suffering of cancer.

Visit ACS DetermiNation

Every Mother Counts logo

Every Mother Counts

Every Mother Counts is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. We educate the public about maternal health, engage individuals to advocate for the well-being of mothers, and invest in community-led programs to improve access to essential maternity care.

Visit Every Mother Counts

Friendship Circle Logo

Friendship Circle

The Friendship Circle exists to bring happiness and companionship to children and young adults with special needs by celebrating their individuality, as well as bringing energy, support, and peace of mind to their families. Team Friendship provides all the resources you need while you get active to raise funds for your local Friendship Circle chapter.

Visit Friendship Circle

Glory House of Miami Logo

Glory House of Miami

The mission of Glory House of Miami is to provide a safe home and healing environment to rescued victims of human trafficking giving them the opportunity to regain their freedom and health, and a place where they can become wholly restored through a faith-based approach.

Visit Glory House of Miami

I Love Venezuela Foundation Logo

I Love Venezuela Foundation

The I Love Venezuela Foundation’s goal is to create and channel resources to non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) that contribute to the well-being, human development and social transformation in Venezuela. Our mission is to influence social transformation and progress in Venezuela through compassion and love.

Visit I Love Venezuela Foundation

JCS Alliance Team Blue Card Logo

JCS Alliance Team Blue Card

Join the JCS Alliance Team Blue Card and Raise Support for Holocaust Survivors. By running (or walking) together in the Miami Marathon or Half Marathon, you have an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of local Holocaust Survivors living in poverty.

Visit JCS Alliance Team Blue Card

Team Courage Logo

Team Courage

Kids of Courage is a groundbreaking volunteer centric organization, dedicated to the support of sick children and their families, day and night, 365 days a year. Founded in 2008, Kids of Courage is committed to change the way people look at illness, and open up a world of support, hope and opportunity for every sick child and family, no matter how serious the diagnosis is.


Visit Team Courage

Nirvana Project Logo

Nirvana Project

Nirvana Project is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization striving to serve the South Florida community, our mission’s purpose is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through the integration and inclusion of individuals with physical disabilities, their families and friends into the sport of running from 5k to 10k, Marathons and Triathlons

Visit Nirvana Project

MIB Agents Osteosarcoma Alliance Logo

MIB Agents Osteosarcoma Alliance

MIB Agents provides direct patient support from treatment to end-of-life, as well as planning and execution of the only PS Research conference and funding. We are a 100% volunteer nationwide nonprofit dedicated to making it better for kids with bone cancer.

Visit MIB Agents Osteosarcoma Alliance

Ru4Yitzi Logo


Run4Yitzi is a team full of heart and purpose. Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, husband, and father of 7 was diagnosed with Bulbar onset of ALS. He can no longer, speak, walk or hug his family yet his positivity and ability to inspire thousands around the world is insurmountable. Our team raises money to help ease some of the financial burden the family incurs..

Visit Run4Yitzi

SebastianStrong Logo


We fund innovative cancer research for children — SebastianStrong Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2017 in memory of 16-year-old cancer victim Sebastian Ortiz for the purpose of finding less toxic, more targeted childhood cancer cures. It has received the highest level of recognition for transparency from GuideStar, the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations.

Visit SebastianStrong

Shifting Gears United Logo


This Mission and Purpose of Shifting Gears United, Inc., is to provide adapted sports to wounded veterans, first responders and the physically challenge community. Empower, educate, and enable this disable community to train and participate in mainstream sports, as well as achieving and teaching their personal goals. Inspire valves of respect, fairness, honestly, community of inclusion and acceptance, self-confidence, and camaraderie.

Visit Shifting Gears United

Team fUTure Logo

Team fUTure

Under the parent organization Chabad Lubavitch of Utah, team fUTure is guaranteeing that the Jewish future of the State of Utah is a bright one! Our dedicated team of runners are assisting us in raising funds for the wide variety of Youth & Family activities taking place at Chabad Lubavitch of Utah on a daily basis, including our newly founded preschool, Camp Gan Israel Summer Camp, Chai Hebrew School, Chabad Teen Network, Chabad on Campus (benefitting undergrads on 5 Utah campuses) and the Chabad Young Professionals community.

Visit fUTure

Team Lifeline Logo

Team Lifeline

Whether you are an avid athlete, or have never run a mile in your life, Team Lifeline offers an unparalleled experience for an important cause. Team Lifeline raises money for Chai Lifeline, the international children’s health support network. Chai Lifeline brings light and hope to children and their families through various services including counseling, hospital services, retreats, programs, and their well know summer camps, Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special, all free of charge.

Visit Lifeline

Team Shahid Logo

Team Shahid

Since 2010 Team Shahid has participated in the Miami Marathon to raise money for the Shahid A. Burns Memorial Scholarship and the Team Shahid Cares Cancer Fund.  This fund assist families with a member going through the pains of cancer treatments.  Insurance covers some things but it does not cover all.  This year we will participate in the Lifetime Miami Marathon as an official charity once again.  We run to keep Shahid’s “Legacy In Motion”!  What will you run for?

Visit Team Shahid

The Heather Abbott Foundation Logo

The Heather Abbott Foundation

While most insurance companies will cover a portion of the cost for a basic prosthetic device, they will not help with specialty prostheses. These devices range in price from $15,000 to more than $100,000, making them far too expensive for anyone hoping to regain more of the life they once lived. The Heather Abbott Foundation assists amputees of tragic limb loss to Live Your Life to the fullest.

Visit Heather Abbott Foundation

World Vision Logo

World Vision

In Africa, water is life. Team World Vision runs for clean water and fullness of life.

Visit World Vision

The Heather Abbott Foundation Logo

The mission of Miami SCORES is to inspire youth to lead healthy lives, be engaged students, and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world. We achieve this mission through daily after-school and summer programming that combines soccer, poetry, and service-learning. Miami SCORES is an affiliate of America SCORES, the nation’s largest and leading soccer and literacy nonprofit serving over 15,000 high-need students in Title I public schools across 13 cities. SCORES’ core programming centers around an innovative, team-based, school-based model that integrates poetry/spoken word, soccer, and service-learning into a cohesive whole-child program, which we deliver through free after school programs and summer camps.

Visit Miami Scores

World Vision Logo

Realbuzz partner charities are looking for amazing people like you to run in support of their vital work. Click the link below to see our charity partners and join their team. Start your journey to race day with us!

Visit realbuzz


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