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Registration Changes

Learn more about entry changes, bib transfers and deferrals.

Refund, Deferral, and Transfer Policy

We have revisited and revised our policy on entry refunds, deferrals and transfers to provide more athlete flexibility for event participation. A link to this policy will be included in the registration process, whereby participants must indicate that they understand and accept the terms.

Run Cancellation Policy

Days Out
By Life TimeBy Participant
60% Refund60% Refund
Free Deferral$30 Full/Half Transfer/Defer
$10 5K/10K Transfer/Defer
89 or less
No RefundNo Refund
Free Deferral$30 Full/Half Transfer/Defer
$10 5K/10K Transfer/Defer

No refunds on services fees, donations or merchandise.
Deferrals are only good for the following year in the same event, space permitting.
Deferral redemption deadlines apply.
No refunds on transactions over 365 days.
No refunds, deferrals or unauthorized transfers for #VirtuallyMiamiFamous
Life Time reserves the right, in its sole and complete discretion, to deny entry, to revoke the entry application of any applicant at any time, and/or to disqualify any individual from the Event.
Those who violate our registration/racing policy may be disqualified and potentially banned from participating in this and/or any other Life Time Event.


Deferrals allow a participant unable to attend this year’s event to defer their registration to the following year ONLY.

The deferral is applied only to the event in question – in this case, the Life Time Miami Marathon & Half. Deferrals can only be applied to the same event the following year and cannot be carried over multiple years. Deferrals must be made online one week prior to race day (Sunday, January 21), after which requests must be made in-person with Athlete Services at the Expo.

A deferral fee of $30.00 will be administered at the time you defer. Once you completed, you will be sent an email confirmation from ChronoTrack with your unique deferral code, a code needed to register for the following year. Your registration does NOT automatically roll over to the following year – you must officially register.

If you would like to defer your entry to next year, please follow these instructions:
  1. Login to your ChronoTrack account
  2. Click “Change Race”
  3. Select “Defer my entry to another event”
  4. Follow steps to defer

How to redeem your deferral for the following year:
You will be emailed a notification (after the race date of your original registration) from the Life Time Miami Marathon & Half advising when you are able to register with your deferral code for the following year’s event. Your deferral code was included in your deferral confirmation email, and can be accessed anytime by logging into your ChronoTrack account.

This email notification will include the deadline to redeem your deferral. Once the deadline to redeem your deferral has passed, you have forfeited your spot and all associated fees. We will not be able to reactivate your deferral code. You will not receive any refund.

Important deferral deadlines:
For those who have deferred from the 2023 race to the 2024 event the deferral redemption deadline is Sunday, May 14th, 2023 (11:59 PM ET).

For those wishing to defer from the 2024 event to 2025, deferrals can be made via your ChronoTrack account through Sunday, January 21, 2024 (11:59 PM ET).

*There are no deferral fee refunds, or entry fee refunds related to expired deferrals under any circumstances.

Registration Changes

ALL CHANGES MUST BE COMPLETED/REQUESTED by Friday, January 19 (11:59 PM ET), unless otherwise noted. All change requests after the deadline will need to be made in person at the Expo during packet pick up. Change requests are not guaranteed, are limited based on capacity of the race at the time of request, and are first-come, first-served. Once the race takes place, no changes may be made to personal profile information (i.e. gender, category, DOB etc.)

Looking to change your Life Time Miami Marathon & Half race distance?
Need to change your race distance? Click here to log into your ChronoTrack account. Click “Change Race”, then select “Change to another race” to choose a new distance. If you are choosing a race option that costs more than your original, you will be charged the difference in registration fees. There are no refunds for a lower cost race option. The last day for online changes is Friday, January 19 (11:59 PM ET). Registrants who wish to change a multi-distance entry (i.e. 5K and Marathon, 5K and half marathon) or changes to a category/division within a distance must be completed by the Athlete Services team via email.

Need to change your race distance post-deadline? No distance changes are guaranteed after the deadline, but we will try our best to accommodate your request. Please email our Athlete Services for your options or visit us at Solutions at Packet Pickup.

Once personalized bib printing for early registration is underway (cut-off date Sept. 30), please be aware that a distance-changed bib assignment will not be personalized and will not appear in your profile until the week before the races.

Looking to change to the Tropical 5K race?
Please email our Athlete Services for instructions on how to complete that process.

Need to change your bio or contact information?
Please email our Athlete Services providing the old and new information to be updated – information like name spelling, date of birth, gender, email address, emergency contact, etc.

Looking to change your assigned start corral?
**Corral assignment is determined by Life Time and review will be based on availability**
Corral review will ONLY be during Race Kit Pickup. Please make sure you bring an official proof of time within the past 12 months.

We place racers in start corrals based on our research of provided predicted finish times, past Miami Marathon & Half Marathon results, Athlinks Smart Corral results and pace research.  If you have an updated race result within the last 12 months for additional consideration, the please email our Athlete Services with an image of race results showing your name, the event name, date, distance, and your finish time for consideration of a corral switch.  (And remember that race day final times are the net of start and finish elapsed time regardless of corral placement.)

*There are no registration change fee refunds under any circumstances.

For any issues with athlete registration changes, please email our Athlete Services.

Bib to Bib Transfer

You may officially transfer your race entry to another non-registered runner, space permitting. Transfers are available for request up until Friday, January 19 (11:59 PM ET). For further details and steps, see the instructions below.

Before you begin the transfer process, please note:

  • You will not be refunded/reimbursed for your original registration. Any transfer compensation must be arranged between you and the transfer recipient. The race organizers are not responsible for the terms of payment between parties in the transfer process and we do not condone the resale of registrations at elevated prices.
  • The currently registered runner will be charged a $30 transfer/deferral fee to complete the transfer for full and half marathon distances and $10 for any race distance less than a half marathon.
  • A new bib will be assigned to the race entry recipient only after the new registration is complete online.

How To Transfer Your Bib:

  1. Find a non-registered runner interested in officially participating in the said event. Race organizers do not participate in this part of the process.
  2. To complete the transfer, the registered runner will log-in to their ChronoTrack account, click “Change Race”, select “Defer my entry to another event”, then follow the steps to complete the deferral. A unique code will be auto-generated which may be used by the new runner to register for the event.
    • The currently registered athlete will be withdrawn from the event.
    • Once the registered athlete completes the deferral and pays the deferral fee, the unique code may be used by the new runner to register for the event at no additional cost. Use this link to complete the transfer registration with the unique deferral code.
    • Once the transaction is finalized, the transfer recipient will receive an email confirming race registration.
    • Once the transfer recipient completes the registration, the deferral will no longer be valid for the following year’s event.

Note: there is no guarantee a transfer may be made.

Any participant who transfers their race entry or race bib without following the above process will be removed from official race results and disqualified from participating in any future Life Time event.

Note: This policy is strictly available for race entry only. This policy does not apply to add-on packages. There are no transfer/deferral fee refunds under any circumstances.

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